#12/52: Spring in March? So Soon?

I don’t ever remember wearing shorts in March, not in Nebraska anyway. But when the temperature reaches into the 80’s the winter not only do the white legs come out, but the trees start blooming.

A photographer client told me last week he had just returned from the Smokie Mountains where the cherry¬†blossoms were already at their peak. Six weeks early. By the time the Cherry Blossom Festival arrives there won’t be any flowers.

Not sure what species of tree this is, but it was pretty, and in honor of spring it’s ¬†my photo of the week.

White flowering tree in spring

6 thoughts on “#12/52: Spring in March? So Soon?

  1. Weird as here in the High Desert of So Cal we got snow last night. Not enough to stick but in looking toward the mountains the snow level is down to 4500 ft??? What is up with that? Our trees are also blooming, but they are not in full bloom yet. I hope this cold storm does not come your way!

    Beautiful picture!

  2. I *love* this beautiful photo, Dawn!!! The detail of the flowers with that lovely bokeh in the background are simply SCRUMPTIOUS!!!
    When you talk of the Cherry Blossom Festival that is in jeopardy, in Michigan, our Tulip Festival in Holland is going to miss the blooms as well. The tulips are a riot of color and blossom right now and the festival will be following by a month! Looks like they will be planting silk tulips in May =(

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