Seaport Fence

Seaport Fence with Buoys

One of the benefits of not doing a 365 Project this year is the flexibility to use one of the thousands (yes, thousands) of pictures that didn’t make last years cut. Or, I can pull up an image from years ago, a forgotten neglected image from years gone by.

This fence on Block Island just called me over with the buoys hanging all in a row above the sunflowers. It is so New England and the overcast weather is probably comparably to what it is now, minus the sunflowers.

Photoshop processing: Levels, shadows and highlights, an artist plastic wrap effect at a low opacity and then a final sharpen unmask.

9 thoughts on “Seaport Fence

  1. That fence is great – I love these fun finds. That is why I always have a camera with me – I’d hate to miss something like this! Great work in post-processing!

    1. Thanks, I have a lot of “fun finds”, my friend I was with thought I was crazy! Not a photographer, I don’t even think she has a small point and shoot.

  2. Hi, I vacation on Block Island every year in August. Your photograph looks familiar. Is this the fence near the little shop on Water Street called, “Longbourne?”

    1. Hi there fellow Block Island lover. This photo was taken by The Oar restaurant next to the Narragansett Inn by the Great Salt Pond. Wonderful area to just get away.

      If you search for Block Island on my blog you’ll find quite a few posts that should bring back memories..

      Thanks for visiting!

      1. I’ve eaten at The Oar many times. It’s one of our favorites. I’ll look through your blog. Thanks, Kathy

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