#7/52: Chevy Truck in the Barn

Old Chevy Truck

Had some time to play around with Photoshop tonight and have been sitting on this photo for a few weeks. I miss Photoshop and post production.

For those interested I created duplicated image layers. Posterized one layer heavily, the set the opacity to 73%. Used gradient, from upper left to lower right and added a orange color overlay at about 20%. I always create adjustment layers in an action, some I use, others I don’t, but the action saves time. For the car I bumped the contrast and adjusted the levels.

4 thoughts on “#7/52: Chevy Truck in the Barn

  1. I love that, thanks for explaining your process. I took a photoshop class last winter and it’s so much to remember, pretty powerful program but it was interesting. I need to practice.

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