#5/52: Snow Storm in Nebraska

Snow in Nebraska

When it snows in Nebraska, it really snows. When the wind stops blowing, the snow settles into the trees, and the sun comes out the countryside is a magnificant site. If it is a wet spring snow it sticks to everything, covering the trees, and making for more photo opportunities than I could choose from, so here are a few more from rural Nebraska.

I always am looking for a good excuse to drive around the country, test out my camera and snow is a good opportunity to learn more about white balance and how to get true whites during snow and not blue.

Right now I’m just going to post the results. All of the photos are SOOC (straight out of camera) with the exception of the top photo, the greenish tinge just kept bugging me so I adjusted the white balance in a levels layer.

Nebraska snowy creek

Nebraska snowy creek

Snowy Farm Tires

Snow covered farm equipment

Minimum maintenance road in Nebraksa

Go Down this road at your own risk

14 thoughts on “#5/52: Snow Storm in Nebraska

  1. These are beautiful shots, Dawn! And it wasn’t the camera that made them beautiful – it was YOU!
    Some editing software that works well with RAW is Gimp. It is free and works a lot like Photoshop. I used it on the desktop until I put CS4 into it and now I am missing it for the change of pace it offered!

    1. Thanks, it was fun to experiment. I didn’t like the Canon program, so I’ll check out Gimp. My boss at work keeps telling me he’ll have me shooting in RAW all the time. I kinda like hitting it right out of the camera. Although I know so many of the great shots I see have some “magic” put in them.

      1. I have found that with digital, there is a certain ‘graying’ that happens to the images so a levels boost is absolutely necessary with every photo I take. I also like a small amount of sharpening added to each one. Anything more than that and I am playing around and having fun with software – I do like to have fun with it because it is just so enjoyable to me to see how far I can push a photo!

        1. I noticed that too and have usually always adjusted the levels and a little sharpness. Need to learn the difference between high pass and sharpening though. I’ve been seeing photographers coming in that really don’t like the sharpen function but will use high pass instead. Unfortunately I haven’t had time in the past few months to just “play” like I used to.

  2. Hi Dawn, Thanks for taking the time to comment on a couple of my recent posts. I followed you back here and I’d really love to see your snow-covered farm equipment photo after you’ve developed it further, as you have some of your subsequent work. You’re posting some very interesting things, and I’m looking forward to more! –Gary

    1. Thanks for visiting, I’ll have to take another look at the farm equipment photo with another eye. Thanks for suggesting it, maybe it will be in during the heat of the summer when everyone is so hot. I’d be interested in hearing additional comments and hints on improving my images.

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