#3/52: My Commute, Sunset in Nebraska

Week 3: Project 52 Nebraska Sunset

Week 3: Project 52 Nebraska Sunset

I think I’ve found a theme for my Project 52. My commute to work. Some people hate the commute into work, it’s stressful fighting traffic and dealing with road rage. I love my commute, it’s relaxing and inspirational.  The vista of the open sky throw colors and clouds that can just take your breath away.

The first fifteen minutes of my drive takes me on rural roads and highways where I might see a dozen cars in a twelve mile span of road. When I can see four tail lights in a three mile stretch of road ahead it’s considered rush hour in the country.

In my mental preparation for work I think of the day ahead and at the end of the day the images I’ve seen from various photographers inspire me to look for my next great image. I’m hoping to develop a better eye, and learn more about my new camera.

So, be prepared for lots of Nebraska scenery, wildlife (deer, turkeys), livestock (mainly cows), fences, barns, and some trees (yes Nebraska has trees). Throughout the year I will deviate from my theme, as family activities and events take place. But my goal this year is to improve my photography to the point where I can create framed art and canvases for my new house. 

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