Happy Birthday Marine Corps

Words From a Marine Mom

In honor of my two US Marine sons, I want to wish a great big 236th birthday wish to the United States Marine Corps. This is the one time of year my USMC sons don’t mind me bragging on them a little. More than any other military branch the Marine Corps celebrates their birthday with parties, cakes and of course the Marine Corps Ball.

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I am very proud of them both of my Marines. This picture was taken at my youngest son’s Marine boot camp graduation at MCRD San Diego California this past October. His brother received weekend leave from his permanent duty station in Yuma to attend. It was great to have them together.

Two U.S.Marines and a Sister

I have only gotten to see my youngest son in his dress blues and like any good Mom I was beaming with pride. Who can resist a Marine in his dress blues? He had the opportunity to wear them to his high school during a recruiting visit to his alma mater Elmwood-Murdock High school.

USMC Dress Blues, the fitting

It’s not easy to fit the dress blues uniform of the Marine Corps. There are strict guidelines of exactly how much spacing (the width of a dime) the ribbons should be from the top of the medal. Military personal who have a chest full of ribbons, especially officers use ribbon racks to make this easier.

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Marine Corps dress blues

First time wearing his Marine Corps dress blues

Of course I was that Marine Mom who stalked him to the recruiting center to take photos of him wearing his dress blues. After five years of active duty, it’s the only time I’ve seen him wear the uniform in person. Yes, he rolled his eyes. But he’s actually pretty proud of this photo. It’s made it’s way around the internet and he’s been called the “Pinterest” Marine.

I think every Marine is handsome in his uniform, but the dress blues are especially striking. However, I have yet to hear a Marine say they “enjoy” wearing them. If you saw the shirt stays worn around the legs you would understand. If you have “seen” a Marine putting on shirt stays, then you would REALLY understand.

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How many times have you seen your Marine in uniform? Or if you are a Marine how much did you like, or dislike wearing your Dress Blues?

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Marine Corps

    1. First of all thank you to your son for his service. I am working on my father WWII Collection. He passed in 2001, but first and foremost he was immensely proud of his service.

      Thanks to you for raising some great kids!

      1. Thanks, my Dad was in WWII, he died in 2005, and I don’t know much. His sea bag was stolen at Times Square on New Years Eve when he returned home. He was then in Korea and I have all of his things from that era. Need to put in an archive appeal.

          1. Do a search for lost military records and you will find a government site to fill out a form, print it off, get it notarized and mail it in for lost records, commendations, etc.

  1. I will share my story related to the Marines. My father was a marine, and I have many memories of growing up under his command, so to speak. I am a father now and the discipline I was raised with comes out many times,much to my wifes dislike. She claims I am too hard on our daughter, but we find a balance. Anyway, when I was about 18 years old, I remember the phone rang one day, my mom answered and I quote. you are not going to warp my sons mind, like you did my husbands. I asked who was that, and she said the Marine recruiter. We still laugh about that incident, and I am glad to have been raised the way I was. Not sure what the marines of today are subjected too, but my dad has countless stories of training at camp lejeune that he loves to share. My father never even saw me till I was 6 months old because he was on active duty in Okinawa I think.

    1. Thanks for sharing, From what I understand the training is not easier, but there are limits on what drill instructors can and cannot do. They cannot touch you now, they can not call you derogatory terms, but they can still say them, just not use your name as a reference. DI’s are still nuts though.

      My oldest son’s mind was already warped when he went in, if anything he’s out to change the Corps (yes I’m talking bout you if you’re reading) The camaraderie, brotherhood and sense of service is what I see as being the backbone of the Marine Corp.

      Thanks again for commenting

      1. Thanks for responding. Sounds like school nowadays. In my day,the teacher would whoop you,then dad would beat you worse when he heard about it. oh the good old days. Not to get sidetracked, but around here, we have elem and high schools who dont even recite the pledge anymore. It makes me nuts, and I think we are headed for some strange times in this country. I think, this is what our servicemen are fighting for?

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