Day 285: Hobby Lobby, Someone Rescue Me


There is a reason I don’t to into Hobby Lobby very much. I would get sucked down the hole that is my crafty addiction. I thought I had broke the habit, but its like anything else, you just have to say away. But everything is so shiny, and cute, and I could make,  ok step away from the glue gun.

Seriously, I love the store, for more than the obvious reasons. This day I was content with pictures.

One thought on “Day 285: Hobby Lobby, Someone Rescue Me

  1. I can feel your pain.. ok not pain, I feel your angst, I am not allowed to go any crafting store alone, which means either my husband, who I must say is rather good about it, other than prodding me to “hurry up and find what I need” or my 17 year old son, who is not as good as his dad about it, he pouts and asks continually when can we leave. great quick press, and I have no ability to save you when I can’t save myself 🙂

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