Day 263-267: Memories of Growing Up in the 1970’s

My memories of growing up in the 1970s became a lot clearer when my Mom died. I became not only the executor of the estate but the family historian. As I went through my Mom’s things I found a box of my school papers and artwork from elementary school during the. I really think she kept every little thing I drew. Obviously I couldn’t keep everything, just selected a few things that I remembered drawing that had special meaning. The rest I tried to document in pictures.

Enjoy a trip down memory lane, it was the 1970’s, life was simple, The Monkees were popular, we didn’t have to wear bike helmets, skateboard knee pads, and could stay out all day without checking in with our cell phones. Life was indeed simpler.

Peanuts Lunchbox from 1970's

Peanuts Lunchbox from 1970’s

Pinocchio soundtrack 33 rpm Record

Pinocchio soundtrack 33 rpm Record

Monkees' record from a Cereal Box

Monkees’ record from a Cereal Box

Here is a sign of technology. Who remembers cereal boxes records? Real records printed on the backs of Fruit Loops and Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes) you cut out of the cardboard? This Monkees record was one of them. Pretty amazing. I remember wearing this record out by playing it over and over again, Archie was another Colgem record I remember. This is actually for sale, along with other 1970’s childrens records including the Disney movie soundtracks on 33 rpm records.

Relive the 1970’s

How many of you would like to relive the 1970’s or at least take a trip down memory lane? It’s amazing how much you can recapture just by shopping on Amazon. Vintage memorabilia is very popular, in a way it’s like dressing up in poodle skirts of the 1950’s when I was in high school. My Mom just shook her head. If you enjoyed growing up in the 1970s then share it with your kids, or be a kid again with your grandkids.

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  1. Oh, yeah… I remember those cereal box records! My mom had one of those boxes full of our childhoods too – she and Dad sorted it all out a few years before Dad died and put it all into folders to present to us. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

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