Day 257: WordPress in an Android App




Happy Halloween! I have a new phone, and no, I didn’t give into the iPhone, but did move over from a simple texting phone to a “smart” phone. Let’s see how smart it is, can I realistically post to my blog? It so I might be able to keep up.

Happy Halloween everyone, hope it was wonderful, we carved pumpkins using, of course, Pumpkin master stencils and a awl kit I won last year in a Facebook contest.

4 thoughts on “Day 257: WordPress in an Android App

  1. Sweet pumpkins! I did not carve one single pumpkin this year and that is a first! I’ll have to make up for it next year!
    I did upgrade to iPhone this year and I looooove it, however I kind of wish I would have went with Android – I love my husband’s phone a bit more!

    1. Happy Oct. 31st back, & those are some very artistic pumpkins Dawn. I took Bob’s new smart phone with me to Indy on Friday & it took me a day & a half to figure out I had to “s—-l—i—-d—-e the lil green answer button to answer an incoming call…lol… hey, do not start with the “how many blondes does it take to answer a smart phone”? jokes…hahahahaha….. Bob says I should be able to get a new phone for Christmas to replace my dinosaur. Sure hope there is a crash course on “Smart phones for dummies” that I can take before then! 🙂 I did not get Carley a pumpkin to carve this year. Last 2 years she did one, it sat on front porch till it composted itself, got shoveled off with the winter snow, then we had pumpkin vines along east side of the house for ground covers in spring …guess in the spring I best add pumpkin seeds to my order form 🙂

  2. Glad to hear that you like your husbands Android, I love my iPod, so now I have the best of both worlds. Pictures didn’t turn out half bad. This might just work. Amazing a 5mp camera in a phone, I’m still astounded. I had a digital when they were just 2.1 mp.

  3. I just got my first smartphone last month, and I am in love with it! And nope, it’s not an iphone! I loooooove Google so I just had to get an Android phone! The WordPress for Android app is pretty good if you wanted to do a quickie random blog post 🙂

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