Day 242/365: Starfish Necklace from Block Island

During the summer my thoughts go to the beach, even though I live in land locked Nebraska. I try and wear summer beach themed jewelry and my favorite is my starfish necklace I got on Block Island a few years ago. I try and buy a gift during vacation that reminds me of my trip and every time I put this on I think of my girls weekend at the beach. It never fails to get compliments. It’s my favorite necklace and I absolutely love it.

Pearls and Starfish

Pearls and Starfish

It just radiates summer. Perfect with a tan and summery clothes. I love the water I can stay at the beach all summer and  never been bored. It’s something about the waves, and surf that is just hypnotizing. When I was in high school I had gold starfish ear rings, but these below are more casual and go with my more casual wardrobe.

Seaside Memories Necklace Seashell Charms 18 inch Chain In Gift Box

My daughter likes trendy vintage jewelry and bracelets more than necklaces. Kinda a throw back to the 70’s style with cording and hemp rope. She is a lifeguard at the pool this summer and just a golden tan. I might just buy her one of these bracelets, the petite turquoise one would look so cute with her summery clothes, but then I remember wearing this retro sailors knot bracelet all summer.

Gold Tone Pave Crystal Starfish Aqua Cord Stretch Bracelet for Beach orSailor’s Knot Surfer Rope Bracelets (White)

I didn’t know this but starfish has quite a bit of symbolism and has been used to represent the Virgin Mary and salvation during trying times. It is also a symbol of healing and regeneration, probably because if a starfish looses an arm it will grow back.

Starfish Jewelry

I’ve had so many people comment about my necklace and it is my favorite summer accessory. Although I’ve looked all over the closest I could find was the silver starfish and pearl necklace below. With my skin tone, and a great summer tan, gold looks best on me during the summer. But if you’re fair skinned and are looking for a great summer gift you can’t go wrong with silver.

Bling Jewelry Sterling Silver Pave CZ Starfish Simulated Pearl Pendant 16 InchesSilver Tone Starfish and Pearls Necklace on a Fish Wire with MatchingImitation Pearl Fashion Bracelet with Crystal Starfish, Double Strand Imitation Pearl StretchSilver Starfish and Coral Sea Life Fashion Jewelry Necklace and Earring Set

Hopefully someday during retirement I will spend a season on the beach, maybe work part time at a little cafe, a gift shop, art gallery, photo studio and I can work from my laptop just about anywhere. until then I can always just dream about the beach and let it inspire me. I recently went to Chicago and they have beaches that remind me of the ocean. Soft sand and miles to walk, I could people watch for hours.

Do you have a favorite memory of the beach or a summer vacation?

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