Day 239/365: A Friendly’s Perfect Ending Ice Cream Sundae

Does anyone need any reminders that I love Friendly’s ice cream sundaes? Don’t think so. Since Friendly’s restaurants have yet to open a store in Nebraska I have to get my fill when I return to Connecticut. This was my third and last stop of my Connecticut trip and it was a perfect way to end our Block Island trip.

Friendly's Sundae

Friendly’s Sundae, a perfect ending to any outing

Sure, I could make my own ice cream sundaes at home, but they wouldn’t be the same as the experience of sitting in a booth after a day of fun and adventure with friends.

Did you know you could buy Friendly’s gift cards on Amazon? Heck ya!! If anyone is thinking of a gift for me around the time I’m going back home to New England this is a GREAT idea!!!

Friendly’s Gift Card $25

Until then I’m just going to have to create my own ice cream sundae creations. First you HAVE to use a fancy, glass ice cream dessert dish. It’s even better if you can store it in the freezer.

Libbey 5115S6 6-Piece Fountain Shoppe Tulip Sundae Glass/Dessert Bowl, 6.5-Ounce, ClearIce Cream Sundae Dessert Glass

I’m partial to the larger sundae glasses, more room for ice cream and toppings, but for kids the smaller 6.5 oz bowls are more manageable. Next you need toppings. I keep the Glad twist top containers filled with chopped peanuts, sprinkles, crushed cookies, crushed butterfingers, mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows,  and a variety of sundae syrups in the fridge.

Sundaes & Splits: Delicious Recipes for Ice Cream TreatsSerendipity Sundaes: Ice Cream Constructions and Frozen Concoctions

What is your favorite sundae and toppings? Do you like to make a monster sundae and share with others or create a sundae bar?

For my youngest son’s high school graduation we had a sundae bar which was a big hit and a unique party theme. For this special occasion we bought sundae bowls in bulk and these of course were plastic.

SupaCute Desserts. Plastic Sundae Cups, Ice Cream Bowls, Frozen Yogurt and GelatoSupaCute Desserts Clear Plastic Serving Bowls Party Catering Supplies Dessert Cups with

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