Day 261: Newly Married, Life Begins A New

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography by Mirror Images, Plattsmouth NE

We did it, just a little shy of three years after meeting in 2008. We got married! It was a very small ceremony in my favorite church, Trinity Lutheran Church in Murdock Nebraska. We had many friends that we wanted to invite, but decided that second marriages called for something a little less extravagant, and less formal. It still was bigger and more detail oriented than I had initially planned and conceived, but turned out to be very nice and fun and now I’m glad I went the extra few steps and added the small details that made a difference.

A Lutheran Wedding

Photography by Mirror Images, Plattsmouth NE

Several friends gave me tips, and suggestions to include at the wedding. Considering I had less than 30 days to plan the wedding, it was very helpful. I am also very grateful for Andy McDonald at Mirror Images Photography for the wonderful memories he captured.  I am indulging and not using my own photography today, but today I was the subject of the photographs and I do have to say, it felt a little strange. Not used to being in front of the camera.

He caught us being playful, and intimate and I can’t decide which one is my favorite. So enjoy a few I have picked out. As you can see I have jumped around a bit in my numbering. I plan on going back and filling in the blanks. So stick with me and I’ll finish up the year with a bang.

A Kiss at the Church

A Kiss at the Church, Photography by Mirror Images, Plattsmouth NebraskaCake time, I dare you!

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake, a French Vanilla Almond

My US Marine Corp sons

My US Marine Corp sons that couldn't make it to the wedding. One couldn't get leave and the other is at boot camp in San Diego.

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings, Photography by Mirror Images Photography

In the past two months I have sent my youngest son to Marine boot camp, bought a new house, held an estate sale in Connecticut, took a vacation on Block Island RI,  moved two teenagers into my small house, planned a wedding, got married, moved into my new house and now planning a reception/house warming in a week. Followed by attending my sons Marine Corps graduation in San Diego in just three weeks.

Did I say I would catch up,…we’ll see.

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