Day 245/365: Planning a Wedding in Less Than 30 Days

Wedding Bouqet

Wedding Bouquet

I’m planning a wedding! Mine! I’m getting married this Saturday, yes in just a few days. Many of you may of wondered why my 365 Project posts have been sporadic when I’ve normally been consistent. This is the reason. Just before I left for my Connecticut trip Randy and I  signed papers on a new house and said, “Now we can get married!” When the banker said we could close in 60 days that bumped up the schedule.

Throw in an intense trip to Connecticut, cleaning my Mom’s house, Block Island and I couldn’t even start planning until I got back August 1st. That gave me twenty seven days to plan a wedding. Like all weddings a small simple wedding changes definition as the days and weeks progress.

This one was no exception. This is a second wedding for both of us, so simple and small was in order. We planned that a “real” reception would be in our new house with all our friends a month later. Soon immediate family gave way to a few close friends, attendants, flowers, cake, photographer, real invitations, matching ties, and soon little stress vein started popping out of my head. Still small, around twenty people.

It’s ok, the lady at Nobbies (craft store) was a tremendous help and another lady at Michaels (another craft store) really didn’t have to give me a Valium.

My friend Beth is my one attendant, above is her bouquet.  Nice and bright, did you expect anything less? Why the term attendant? There is something about “matron” of honor that just makes us feel old, and the term “maid” of honor doesn’t sound much better.  You will learn later about my dress, of course there will be pictures of the ceremony, the cake, you know the whole nine yards later. Just thought I would give you a teaser now.

Caution: For the next few weeks my 365 Project is going going to be WAY out of order. I’m still taking a photo-a-day, just not able to post every day. I’ll figure out the order sometime in the next month or so. Did I tell you my youngest son is also graduating from Marine boot camp the first part of October? Yeah that to plan too…I need an assistant.

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    1. Thank you, last night I realized that I forgot a cake topper, went to the store and realized I also needed the guest book and unity candles, darn! Wouldn’t call myself a super woman, but you can pass that along to my husband to be,…he he,…he might read this in the future.

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