Day 229/365: Photo Opportunties on Block Island

From the Inn where we stayed on Block Island, I didn’t have to go far on my Block Island vacation to find photo opportunities. The Narragansett Inn had plenty of scenic areas with boats, water and breath taking sunsets. You might remember that one of our lodging requirements was to be near the water.

Photo opportunities on Block Islan

Photo opportunities on Block Island

The Narragansett Inn has it’s own private beach on the Great Salt Pond. Where the ocean  surf  is invigorating and hypnotic, the Great Salt Pond was calm and relaxing. Two different personalities for different times of the day. Another plus was the water temperature. It’s more relaxing at the end of the day to float in water about 70 degrees Fahrenheit than the 65 or 66 F of the ocean that pushes you around.

Sunset on Block island, another photography opportunity

Sunset on the Narragansett Inn front porch

Who wouldn’t be able to relax with a view like this? I had photo opportunities around every corner, the Block Island sunset was amazing and simply breath taking. People sitting on the porch actually applauded when the sun set.  It was one of two fantastic sunsets we watched from the Narragansett Inn. I just can’t say enough about the Inn where we stayed. It was perfect place in every way.

Photographic Opportunities on Block Island

Sunset over the Narragansett Inn on Block Island

If you have ever been to Block Island where did you stay and what were your favorite memories?

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