Day 220/365: Friendly’s Ice Cream Sundae To Go

Ah Friendly’s ice cream, it’s been too long.  As all my friends know I’m just a little obsessive about Friendly’s, so when my friend Jodi found out I had  not made a Friendly’s run since being in Connecticut, she was amazed. It had been been five days! She became determined, that no matter how busy we were returning tag sale tables, a take out order to go was mandatory.

Friendlies Sundae To Go

Friendlies Sundae To Go

We went up to the counter and she asked,  “Are you going to get ice cream? (eye roll) silly question, of course you are..” 

I combined my two passions, Friendly’s Sundae with Chips Ahoy Cookies for a topping.

We reached the car and as I took out my camera I said, “You know what I’m going to do next don’t you?”

Jodi just laughed and helped me pose my cup properly. I love my friends, they support my obsessions and habits

Making Homemade Ice Cream

My Mother-in-law makes great home made ice cream, part of the fun is the cranking on a hot summer day. But like Friendly’s ice cream taste best when there is fun and memories involved. How many of you remember making home made ice cream? It’s become quite popular not.

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Ice Cream In the News

This Kid’s Reaction to the Ice Cream Truck Is Perfect

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Behold, the awesome power of the ice cream van and the Pied Piper-esque grip it has over millions of children worldwide. The reaction of these two boys perfectly demonstrate how the sound of an ice cream van can bewitch even the busiest of young minds.
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