Day 217/365: Tag Sale vs. Garage Sale

Tag Sale :  East Coast Slang

Tag Sale : East Coast Slang

It’s amazing how in just one country the vocabulary can be so different. For instance I had a Giant “Tag” Sale in Connecticut where in Massachusetts, and the Midwest it would be called a “Garage”  Sale.

My primary purpose of going to East Hartford Connecticut was to empty my Mothers house and get it ready for sale. I never intended to have an “estate” sale, but a very good friend suggested her sister who was starting an estate agent business and said she would help out.

So out of the closets and out of the basement came more and more items. My Mom collected everything from cookie jars to nutcrackers and commemorative plates. Anyone interested in some Princess Diana memorabilia?  What about an Apollo 11 Poster from 1969. What about Batman Action Figures in original packaging?

Many items we didn’t put out for sale as they needed to be photographed, inventoried, and offered to collectors, but the cookies jars they went out on the “Yard Sale”. What is your name for a sale to sell all your junk, or precious items?

Garage Sale: Midwest Slang

Garage Sale: Midwest Slang

One thought on “Day 217/365: Tag Sale vs. Garage Sale

  1. I tend to call the sales around here “garbage sales,” however everyone else calls them rummage or garage sales. I think Tag Sale sounds so much nicer.
    I love the top photo – it makes the items look ever so interesting.

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