Day 122/365: Windpower, Past and Present

OnOne Effects: Graduated Blue and Magic Hour

Wind power today and yesterday

Photo REDO with Lightroom 4 (more realistic to what I really saw)

Windmills and Wind Farm  SOOC

Windmills and Wind Farm SOOC

The world has come full circle in it’s use of energy. Harnessing wind power was used for hundreds of years as evidenced by this windmill in the foreground used to pump water into a livestock tank.  In the back are modern wind turbines in Western Iowa.

Iowa leads the United States in wind energy, more than 15% of the electrical power is generated by 47 wind farms across the state. This particular farm is part of the Adair Wind Farm. Don’t let the distance fool you, these modern wind turbines are huge. The base at the bottom is fifty feet in diameter and they stand 263 feet tall with each turbine being 126 feet in length.

Massive and impressive. Many people think they are eyesores to the landscape. Personally I find them graceful, serene, and peaceful from a distance, the rotating blades create a hypnotizing effect with their consistent rhythm. But then I don’t live right next to them either.


7/2012: Second image was processed using Lightroom 4. As I’m going through my old photos I now have the tools to improve them and thought I would repost a few blog articles. 

Thanks for the suggestion Victoria, I had forgotten about the graduated blue action on the OnOne software.

2 thoughts on “Day 122/365: Windpower, Past and Present

  1. One question. Did you lose your on-one software. LOL I would have used the graduated blue on the sky and boosted the color then sharpened. :} I do like the subject matter and the view you took it from.

    1. There was no blue sky, it was overcast, cloudy and grey. I went into OnOne and tried various different effects but couldn’t get any of them to work, I’ll try again and post my attempts. But I was disappointed in what I got the first time

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