Day 213/365: American Legion Baseball

My son waited all summer for me to get an action shot of him sliding into base during an American Legion Baseball game. I think he’s happy with this. He played four years of Legion ball and it’s been the best sports experience hands down in the Elmwood-Murdock community. That includes school sports and town ball association participation.

American Legion Baseball

Safe at Third!

The seniors on this team remember their freshman year when many were recruited by classmates to play baseball so they could have a team. Many had not played since T-ball or coach pitch. That first year they didn’t win a game, and got “run ruled” too many times to count. But the coaches were fantastic, thanks Duane and Hank, kept their spirits up and taught them to play and support each other as a team.

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Every year they have improved, scores started going up on the board and they even began to win a few games. Those players from four years ago have grown, matured and love to play together. My son even put off his Marine boot camp ship date so he could play baseball one last year.

Congratulations David for sticking with the sport, it’s been a privilege to watch you play, I have thoroughly enjoyed my summers at the ball field. I will miss them.

Running for home during summer legion baseball

Coming Home!

American Legion Baseball

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4 thoughts on “Day 213/365: American Legion Baseball

  1. What a great action shot! I have yet to get one like that.
    The guys really made some memories together; you don’t really see that kind of commitment a lot anymore except for in small towns. That is why I love the small towns around me. The sense of community around here is something I would never trade away.

  2. Great shot. Man, I miss baseball! We did, however, get the Home Run Derby on our ESPN channel last night. Hooray for the occasional American programming our Romanian cable company chooses to show us!

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