Day 205/365: Time For Summer Vegetable Gardens and Farm Produce Stands

I’m so excited! It’s the time of year for my summer vegetable garden and in June I’m super motivated with thoughts of cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and fresh broccoli. Until my harvest I haunt my local farm produce stand in the parking lot where I work for fresh peaches and other produce they trade with other states until their zucchini and corn comes into season.



I’m actually going to try and like yellow and green “mushy” vegetables like zucchini and squash,I even planted cauliflower this year. Over the years I’m made sweet pickles, jalapeno “cowboy candy” and sweet basil jelly. So far in the beginning of June we have harvest spinach, lettuce, and radishes. We have had so many leafy greens we have been giving away bags of it to friends and co-workers.

Fresh Garden Spinach

Fresh Garden Spinach

Essential Gardening Tools

Gardening really doesn’t take too many tools or equipment. Some good soil, mulch ( I like to use our lawn clippings), water, and sunlight. The secret is growing plants which are native to your specific area. For instance growing watermelon in the north isn’t a good idea, not enough heat days. Likewise blueberries in Nebraska don’t do well. Our soil is too alkaline.

However jalapenos in Texas are happy little peppers. My biggest challenge is weeds, I don’t like to use chemicals so a good hoe is important, I use a diamond head hoe and it’s slides under the soil with very little effort and between the narrow rows.

With my bad back a rolling garden seat is INVALUABLE!! Seriously, I don’t mean to shout, but as the big 50 approaches I cant’ bend over for hours picking green beans for an hour. Inside I keep my gardening gloves, small trowel and bags to pick lettuce. Everything stays dry and this seat has stayed out all season long in the rain.

Rolling Garden Seat with StorageCorona Clipper Diamond Hoe

First Year Vegetable Garden

It’s amazing how big the broccoli can grow and take over the garden, as well as the tomatoes. I have planted potatoes and onions, but it’s not an efficient use of space. They demand a lot of water, mulch and loose soil. I’d rather grow basil or peppers in their spot and buy my potatoes from the produce stand.

Do you have a garden? What do you like to plant and what is your favorite gardening tip?

Summer Gardening Tips

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