The Myth of Sun Exposure: Love the Healthy Summer Sun Again and Get Your Vitamin D

This is my idea of summer. Sand, water, sun and the time to relax and enjoy it. I’m a sun worshiper at heart. I gauge a successful summer by my tan line. Most summers I fail, but I do have some good weeks. I do not buy into the myth of sun exposure.

Getting Vitamin D from the sun

Nebraska’s version of a beach

My heritage is Native American, I have a lot of melanin in my skin, I tan easily, rarely burn (with the exception of the first of the season) and I just feel better when I’ve had some natural vitamin D exposure.  No, I do not do cloudy winters well at all, I’ll leave that to those with European heritage

Myth About Sun Dangers

I honestly believe (based on the New World, Old World monkey vitamin D research requirements) that certain people require more exposure to sun to stay healthy, and sane. New World Monkeys (Tamarins and marmosets) lived in the tree tops, with more exposure to the sun and need more vitamin D supplementation than the Old World Monkeys (macaques, and baboons), who live primarily on the forest floor.

The Sunlight Solution: Why More Sun Exposure and Vitamin D areSunshine and Vitamin D: A Comprehensive Guide to the Benefits of the ”Sunshine Vitamin

I believe the same thing happens in humans. People who are from areas of the world that receive more sun exposure have adapted to physiological nutritional needs according to their environment. The color of the skin is a prime example. People who tan easily normally have Mediterranean ancestry (Italians, Greeks, Middle Eastern) or Native People ancestry such as Native American, Eskimos, aboriginal descent and commonly have vitamin D deficiency and seasonal affective disorder.

This past winter my daughter was diagnosed with severe vitamin D deficiency, she is dark skinned like me and suffered through various health issues this past winter. She was also living on her own for the first time and I’m sure her diet and nutrition wasn’t the best.

Her vitamin D serum test result was 20 ng/ml which is extremely low. She is now taking Vitamin D supplements, but has increased her sun exposure.

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 Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

Here are a few signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, check with you doctor before self diagnosis, but if you have dark skin, get depressed during the winter months and feel better during the summer it’s something to consider

  • Wintertime depression
  • Sweaty head
  • Bones aches
  • Overall tired and achy (fibromyalgia, fatigue syndrome??)
  • GI issues, trouble digesting food (mimics gluten sensitivity)

This last symptom, stomach issues is actually quite interesting. Diseases such as Crohn’s, celiac and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and inflammatory bowel disease “may” be in part to a Vitamin D deficiency.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Get some Vitamin D in your system, kick the kids outside to play, go for a walk in the sun and DON’T use sunscreen. Vitamin D boosts the immune system, helps ward off colds and infections, and is important in heart health.

  • Increased heart health
  • Boosts immune system (autoimmune diseases)
  • Fights bacterial and viral infections
  • Helps prevent colds and influenza
  • Helps prevent and fight cancer

The Northern Europeans had limited exposure to sunlight and did not need melanin as skin protection. Think about it,..yeah, makes sense.

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So with that I’m out to enjoy my Nebraska sun at the only beach within driving distance. Louisville Recreation area, where I can lay on the beach, listen to good music, and take a dip in the water when I get too hot. Perfect. If only it were an ocean beach, oh that’s right, I wish I could be sitting on Block Island right now!

A book, music, sun, and beverages, make a summer complete

A book, music, sun, and beverages, make a summer complete

Have Fun in the Sun Again

So everyone enjoy your summer and if you enjoy the sun, and feel like you need it, then you probably do. If you’re pale and freckled, douse with sun screen and take precautions. But don’t hate on us sun worshipers, it’s in our genes.

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  1. Love the photos! I too tan easily, however I am full of that Scandinavian heritage. I just inherited the mutt part of the family tree – thankfully!

    1. Somewhere in your “mutt” background is some sun loving heritage. So many people are from unknown nationalities our “genetic” code is lost. I think when get seasonal depression it has a lot to do with our Vit. D receptors.

  2. I have light skin, burn easily, and stay out of the sun. Skin cancer runs in my family. Vitamin D supplements work very well for me, and my blood test last week confirms I have enough.

    1. Thats good to know, if you have light skin most likely your family heritage and genetics are from an area of the world that doesn’t get very much sunlight or intense sun. If you burn easily then you don’t have the melanin in your skin to protect you and yes, you should avoid too much sun exposure. Thanks for commenting and please come back and visit again.

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