Day 196/365:Pampered Chef, My Collection

My Pampered Chef Collection

My Pampered Chef Collection

I am having an online Pampered Chef show! You have lived vicariously through my food, so here is some of what I use to make it. If anyone wants to order I have my own order page on the Pampered Chef website. A far cry from catalog orders of days gone by.

Seeing how I post so much food to my blog I thought I would highlight some of the tools I use on a regular basis. I love my Pampered Chef cookware and tools. My ultimate favorite is the stoneware bar pan, it’s the dark pan on the bottom for those of you unfamiliar with stoneware.

The date on the bottom is 1998 and it’s been well used for everything from cookies, chicken, pork chops, to biscotti. The rich brown cured hue has taken years to obtain and it is now a nice smooth non-stick surface which I love to use every week.

Who doesn’t love their handy chopper? It’s sturdy enough to chop hard candies that I use on my chocolate covered pretzels, and still stays sharp enough to prepare soup vegetables.

The mini roller in the middle is also a favorite for not only rolling pie crusts in the pan, but granola bars.

What is your favorite Pampered Chef item and why? I might just add it to my wish list.

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  1. Oh how I love my Pampered Chef! Every penny I have spent on my collection has been well worth it! I just added the can opener because for some reason, I just kept forgetting to order it. How I love my new can opener!!!

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