Day 194/365: Summer Lily, start of Summer Flowers

During the summer, after the blooming of the irises come the daylilies. I’m not too much of a lily person, but they are in my exiting flower beds so I gotta take what God gives and I  need to appreciate all flowers, even those that grow like weeds and crowd out all the other flowers.

They are very hardy and seem to thrive where ever they are planted. I often see them on the roadsides or in the middle of a field where there once was a homestead or house. The farm house may of not survived, but nature still lives on with passion. Someone told me this yellow Day Lily is a Stella de Ora

Stella de Ora Day Lily

Stella de Ora Day Lily


Day lillies are drought resistant, which make them an ideal landscaping flower for southwestern states and areas with water restrictions.

Facts and Trivia about the Daylily

More About Summer Day lilies

Gloria Ballard: Daylilies are the perfect perennial

Welcome to June, the month for daylilies in Middle Tennessee. Soon now, you’ll see them blooming everywhere. What’s the appeal? “They are the easiest perennial in the world to grow,” says Jay Turman, chairman of the Middle Tennessee Daylily Society’s …

Bring summer color alive with daylilies

Gladiolus, cannas, gloxinias, tuberous begonias, callas, caladiums and daylilies are some of the many types making a show. Technically, daylilies are not true lilies, nor do they have true bulbs. They are clumping perennials with fleshy roots and are

Hearty Daylilies perfect for Tulare County gardens

The daylily’s increasing popularity in California gardens is with good reason. Daylilies come in a rainbow of colors, have a long season of bloom, are virtually pest-free, heat and drought tolerant, adaptable to most soils and grow in either sun or

Daylilies – The Perfect Perennials – Atlantic Avenue Orchid …

Hemerocallis (Daylilies) are fabulous landscape plants and have been called the “perfect perennial.” They are so easy to grow. The daylily survives in a range of USDA zones, is tolerant of drought and will thrive nearly anywhere in your yard …


which is located on Gainer Road offers over 600 named varieties of daylilies and many more which are unnamed. All are featured in neat beds scattered with salvia, zinnias, rose bushes, gardenias, Mexican heath and …

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  1. I love the yellow! We have a large bed of these near the staff entrance at the library and I am tempted to shoot them each day when I go into work. So far, I have managed to avoid the temptation because ‘so far’ I have had other shoot plans for each day…. so far…..

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