Day 191/365: CraigsList Anyone?

Anyone want to buy an iPod shuffle. My fiancee’s son won it at an end of the year party and he inherited his sisters iPod touch, so he doesn’t need it. for only $40 it’s yours, even comes with a $10 iTunes gift card.  Never been used or out of it’s case. I’m selling in on Craigslist in Lincoln NE.  If you’re local I can deliver it, if not I can mail it and arrange for PayPal payment.

2 thoughts on “Day 191/365: CraigsList Anyone?

  1. I just got my son an Ipod touch about 2 months ago, so we are not in the market here. I am sure you will have NO trouble selling it though. Especially if this is the photo you are uploading to sell it. Verrry nice.

  2. Yup, this is the actual shuffle. I’ll have to send the link to the kid, he’ll be pretty excited I posted it here too. I love my iPod Touch

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