Day 183/365: Death of A Lawn Mower

Death of a Lawn Mower

Death of a Lawn Mower

It was Death of a Salesman that inspired the title, but it’s not even related. My old, used, bought off Craigslist mower, bit the big one and died. A tragic death. Not only the handle broke, yeah that’s duct tape you see. But the do-hiicky that attaches to the blade think-a-ma-gig  just disconnected or flew off. Did in mid mow, and I just got a whirring metal sounds when I tried to start it again.

So, I didn’t even check the internet for reviews and best prices, I went to Sears, I was so frustrated and mad and bought a new Craftsman lawn mower. Yes, it’s my first “new” lawn mower and it’s not a push mower, it’s a walk-behind. There is a difference.

Previous mower I had to push, this one is self propelled and I just hold the handle and walk behind it. Or, if I’m in a hurry a very fast walk.

One thought on “Day 183/365: Death of A Lawn Mower

  1. Sorry you had to make the purchase…but I do have an awesome Sears/Craftsman warranty story. We have a Craftsman walk-behind that started smoking really bad a couple weeks ago (yes, it had oil in it LOL) We had gotten the extended warranty when we bought it. Went to pick it up today and total cost to fix it…$7.42. I highly recommend the extended warranty if you didn’t already get it! 🙂

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