Day 180/365: Strutting Peacock

Strutting peacock

Strutting peacock (post production)

My first award, or recognition, members of the Facebook 365 Day Photo Challenge  voted my “Strutting Peaccok” the photo of the week! Yeah!

Straight out of camera Peacock

Straight out of camera Peacock (SOOC)

Peacock images have been overdone as well as roses, but what photography collection is complete without a strutting peacock. I did bump this up a little with posterizing in Photoshop and a green tint in the black and white layer. The effect I was trying to achieve was to get the “eyes” to pop and I believe it was achieved. Those eyes would get my attention

By the way, this male peacock did catch the female after a little chase. Just another photo from the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, love that place.

Peacock Chasing Peahen

Peacock Chasing Peahen

7 thoughts on “Day 180/365: Strutting Peacock

  1. Ahh…we didn’t see any peacocks at the Indy Zoo…quite disappointing! The only photo of peacocks I’ve taken were at the Louisville KY zoo and he wouldn’t put his feathers come save my life! These shots are gorgeous!

  2. I was so happy that you got the photo of the week! It seems that so often the photo chosen is more of a popularity contest than quality. For once, we got QUALITY! Good on you!

  3. Thanks, I was excited when I kept looking at the votes. Thought, wow, I might even have a chance this week. I didn’t even ask any of my Facebook friends to vote.

    1. even without the help of photoshop the picture was wonderful, you defiantly deserved the win!! very clear, great focus, awesome subject… A+++

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