Day 177/365: It’s Summer and Time for Legion Baseball

Summer and Baseball

In towns all across America teenage boys pick up bats and balls and head out to the local ball field for Legion baseball.

One of the best sports experiences my kids ever had was American Legion Baseball. It was by far been the best sports experience in my 15 year history of sports in Elmwood-Murdock. This includes all school-related and summer town league ball seasons. My youngest son played Legion ball for four years, started as a freshman on a team that begged a group of boys to play so they could have a team. (many had not played since T-ball)

NIght time baseball

Night Time Legion Baseball (SOOC)

The coaches were fantastic (thanks Duane and Hank) and their expectations were not to win a game, but to improve as the season went on. If they won a game great, if not it was all about teamwork, having fun and growing as young men. My young man played right or center field, he’s center here, and loved to play. So much so that he delayed his Marine Bootcamp ship date so he could play one last summer. I still have sports bags in my garage with baseballs and gloves and every now and then my daughter will ask me to come out and do batting practice. Reminds me of summer and I miss the bleachers at the ball field watching my son.

Diamond D1-AL American Legion Official Baseball (Pack of 12)

I didn’t play sports in school, I was rather clumsy and not athletic. But, I have learned sports is not just about winning, it’s about how to win, how to lose, how to face adversity and still play. It’s about playing as a team, traveling and living together as teammates even if you don’t like the person next to you, sports does teach about life.

Spartan Ac: An American Legion Baseball Team United Through AdversitySwinging for the Fences: How American Legion Baseball Transformed a Group of Boys into a Team of Men

Since this photo was part of my 365 project here is a little bit of information about it. It is straight out of the camera, no editing, the storms clouds were gathering and it poured rain about 15 minutes after this picture. So far half their games have been rained out, but we have a long summer ahead of us and I’m going to enjoy each one.

Sports Life Lessons

Life lessons through sports

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