Day 173/365: Iris Garden Tour

Welcome to Dean and Judy’s Iris Patch in Elmwood, Nebraska. Over 500 varieties of iris’s are showcased in various gardens in their immaculate park like country home. My mother-in-law has an Iris garden and so did my grandmother. Irises are a traditional flower in vintage gardens and it’s just been in the past years that the hybrids and varieties have exploded.

Iris’s Galore

This iris garden is just about five miles northwest of Elmwood Nebraska and Dean and Judy are very welcoming and informative about everything iris related. If you thought iris’s came in just blue you are are in for a surprise.

1 CUPID’S ARROW BEARDED IRIS Rhizome / Bulb / Root – ORDER for FALL PLANTINGJewelled Crown Siberian Iris

Emerald Sunrise Iris

Emerald Sunrise Iris

The Emerald Sunrise hybrid was bred by Kalkwarf and released in 2003,  with a ruffled lace along the edge.

Barbara May Iris

Barbara May Iris

This Barbara May Iris is similar to the Emerald Sunrise except it has a purple lace edge, it is a very new variety only being released in 2007, isn’t it just gorgeous?

Millennium Falcon Iris

Millennium Falcon Iris

Here is an iris a little bit closer to the standard in what people expect in an iris, but don’t let if fool you, the Millennium Falcon Iris was only released in the year 2000.

Jurassic Park Iris

Jurassic Park Iris

I’ll just let you guess what inspired this 1995 Jurassic Park Iris, think dinosaurs. Below is just one of the areas of the Iris garden, they had just begun blooming a few days previous and I’m looking forward to going back this weekend when it’s in full bloom. The peony hedge should be opening just in time for Memorial Day and I love peonies too, who am I kidding, I love all flowers, and I love taking photographs of flowers.

Dean and Judy's Iris Patch

Dean and Judy’s Iris Patch

All of the irises are for sale and most are less than five dollars a bulb. Bulbs are dug after the blooming period is over in July or August. If you are interested in purchasing any iris’s you can email Dean or Judy at they are located between Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska about ten miles off the interstate I-80

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  1. They are all gorgeous! I love the Barbara May. A neighbor a few blocks from here has some. I was going to stop and take a photo of them, but I think the storms have beat them down too much.

  2. Barbara May is my favorite too, I like contrast, although I love the velvety feel the first image, didn’t get a name though. This weekend is going to be ablaze in color there and in the cemeteries. It’s tradition to plant peonies in cemeteries to bloom on Memorial weekend.

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