The Flag Still Stands For Freedom

The Flag Still Stands For Freedom

The Flag Still Stands For Freedom

During last years trip to Washington DC I had a chance to visit all of the war memorials. The Vietnam Wall affected me the most. To see all those names stretching out into the horizon gave this new Marine Mom a new perspective. Some day it could be my son’t name etched in the granite of a memorial.

It is through tears that I write this, just a little under two months before my youngest son leaves for Marine boot camp. The risk has doubled, the sacrifices of families, and loved ones that served and gave their all still proves that the Flag Still Stands for Freedom.

Thanks to MCPActions for having a Memorial Day contest to submit images of patriotism, freedom, and peace. Deadline is May 27th, so if you would like to submit yours head over there, a free 16 x 20 print will be awarded to ten winners.

6 thoughts on “The Flag Still Stands For Freedom

  1. Dawn, this is definitely one of the greatest flag photos I have ever seen. And I’ve looked at a lot. I’ve taken a lot myself. I love our flag. This is such a soul-stirring photo…a sadness, a tribute, a rememberance. Love it. Good luck to your boys, and thank them for me.

  2. Thanks Bonnie, it means a lot. It is one of my favorite photos too, and I took about 700 photos on that trip. Probably about seventy five at the wall.

    I’m glad and honored it moved you, that’s what photography is all about, capturing an emotion, or evoking an emotion.

  3. This one leaves me in tears as well. I have been growing closer and closer to my nephew who has done 2 tours in Afghanistan and is now dealing with the after effects. You tell your son “Thank you” for me, please and give yourself a big hug from me. ((hugs))

    1. Thanks, as my youngest son gets ready to leave it’s going to take on a whole new meaning for me. He’s most likely in it for the long haul as he appears to be career material. Thanks for the hugs and all your great comments.

  4. I agree with Bonnie. Great emotion, great shot, and so much passion behind the photo, especially considering your boys. I love this photo. You’ve been doing great work

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