Day 165/365: Marine Teaches Recruit to Square Uniform

Didn’t know it would be the United States Marine Corp that would teach my sons to iron, but a squared away uniform is a sense of pride in the Corps. My oldest son gave his recruit brother a lesson and tips  on ironing his uniform and squaring his cover during his latest leave. (home for his brothers high school graduation)

Marine recruit Squaring Uniform

Marine Teaching Recruit to Square Uniform

It’s the attention to detail Marine recruits are taught during boot camp at MCRD San Diego or Paris Island. How to properly shine your shoes, iron your uniform, pin your ribbons exactly 1/8″ of an inch from the top of the pocket, and how to clean a toilet and sink to pass inspection.

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Why do these mundane tasks matter? I believe they are used to teach discipline and patience, to learn how to pay attention to detail in everything a Marine does, regardless of the task.

Marine Cover

Unsquared Marine Cover

As a birthday/graduation present received a wore out set of his Marpat desert cammies to wear at the big airsoft game, Oklahoma Invasion 6, coming up Memorial Day weekend. Out of the sea bag the cover looked a bit crumbled. There was no way a Marine would be caught with a cover like this. Before it could be worn it needed squaring away, Marine style. No starch, but water, paper towels, steam, high heat, and cardboard stays would have to do for now.

Recruit squaring a cover

Marine Recruit Squaring a Cove

Never thought I’d ever see this,  a photo opportunity if I ever saw one. The process took an hour, with lessons given on tips and tricks of a great squared away Marine uniform. I overhead Army uniforms are “garbage” and how to properly wear your cover. “It’s not a hat, don’t pull it down on your head, you’ll look like a tool”

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Squared Away US Marine Corps Cover

Squared Away US Marine Corps Cover

Looks better doesn’t it? Sleeve rolling was next, but I left the boys to bond and discuss uniform care. It’s a big part of boot camp, the beginning of teaching attention to detail and discipline. If they pay this much attention to just their uniforms imagine what is required in the other aspects of mission training. No wonder the United States Marine Corps is the best fighting force in the world.

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