Day 164/365: Bleeding Hearts Liberals, No It’s Not Like That

Bleeding Heart Plant

Day 164: Bleeding Hearts (SOOC)

I’m not delving into politics, but isn’t that the phrase that comes to mind when someone says “Bleeding Hearts?” Wish it wasn’t true as these flowers don’t deserve that moniker.  I love Bleeding Hearts, they are one of the few flowers that flourish in the shade and instead of being a sad plant it reminds me of Christmas ornaments hanging from a tree.

My backyard gets so little sun, especially next to the fence, and this hardy plant has survived much abuse. It has been run over countless times by a lawn mower, accidents caused by well meaning people who help me mow occasionally and can’t tell weeds from flowers. Guess that’s my fault, I should get rid of the weeds. Last year I did, so I think my Bleeding Heart Plant is safe.

Photography Notes: Another straight out of the camera from my Olympus E-10 camera. Only took four images at different settings before I rushed back in to dip strawberries that day

3 thoughts on “Day 164/365: Bleeding Hearts Liberals, No It’s Not Like That

  1. Oh my goodness Dawn…I think this may be my favorite bleeding heart shot EVER. I’ve never seen one with that many blooms. This is fabulous!!!

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