Day 161/365: Graduation Hats in The Air

The moment every high school senior waits for, the traditional tossing their caps in the air at the end of the graduation ceremony. Always puts a smile on your face.

Graduation Caps  in The Air

Graduation Hats in The Air

I have had four seniors graduate from high school and every spring I still get excited around commencement time. My son will graduate from college and although it seems as though the occasion should be celebrated with more fan fare it’s not the same as graduating from high school.

The end of high school marks not only twelve years of basic schooling but an entry into adulthood and the leaving behind of childhood.

To most 18 year olds it’s the start of a new life away from home, college, the military, moving away and living on their own without Mom and Dad hovering over them. It’s freedom to stay out as late as you want with no questions asked. I think the photo above says it all, pure joy.

Parents on the other hand tend to cry, weep and feel melancholy during May and June. Their baby is going away, they won’t hear their voices in the house and it’s the last pull of the apron string.

So what do you get a high school graduate to commemorate this special occasion in their life? How do you put into a gift what your heart feels yet give them something they will cherish and keep? If you think about it kids want money, but money doesn’t last.

I’ve asked my Twitter (I am @3Quarters2Day) followers what they suggested and I had many suggestions. Here are just a few.

  • Money (of course)
  • Gift cards
  • Movie Cards
  • Gas Cards
  • Then of course the gifts you can’t buy: a job, brains, common sense


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