Day 160/365: Graduation Day Smiles

Congratulations to all the graduating seniors at Elmwood-Murdock High School. My favorite graduation photo is still my son’s smile that radiated to his eyes. Can you find him in the photo? He’s the one with the big smile on his face. He spent the previous years of his childhood avoiding my camera, but here it’s almost like his eyes and smile is talking to me from across the gymnasium.

Even years later I look at this photo and get misty eyed remembering the day.

Graduation Smiles

I love the smiles on graduation day

It was a long and stressful day, but so worth it and a day this Mom will never forget. His graduation party was the week before and instead of him taking off after graduation to hang with friends he wanted to go with me to the parties. So to nine parties we went, eating cake, pulled pork, ice cream, and more food than I want to think about. It was a long day full of smiles and memories.

As a Mother of a graduating senior it’s hard to smile during the day and easy to cry. The day isn’t about what you’re losing it’s about what is in the future and the road ahead. Where is my son now? He is a United States Marine and looks quite a bit different.

A guaranteed way to bring smiles to the students and parents is to surprise them with small gifts and graduation tokens. Imagine the students going outside to their cars with smiley graduation smiley faces. Now that is a video I want to take. We only have an average of 32 kids in the graduation class so it would be an affordable gesture.

6 Smile Face Graduation Antenna ToppersGraduation Candy Lollipops 12ct.

One tradition we have at Elmwood-Murdock is the senior reception line, very similar to a wedding when friends and family shake the hands of the new graduates and tell them congratulations. I will often give them their cards in line in case I can’t get to their party. Graduation Lollipops would be a fun and cute remembrance of the day to tie with ribbons and a memorable quote to hand out in line.


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9 thoughts on “Day 160/365: Graduation Day Smiles

  1. High school graduation looks like great fun – we don’t have a formal school graduation ceremony in the UK which is a shame!

    1. I had a wonderful time and got quite the charge out of my son purposely looking into the camera and smiling, which he rarely does, a rare treat and graduation present for me.

  2. What a great pic! It made me smile–and made me look back through my memories of our three graduating. :-) Thank you. And thank you to your son for serving.

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