Day 155/365: Happy Mothers Day

A Mothers Day gift from my kids meet me when I awoke Sunday morning. It put a smile on my face and gave me at least 30 minutes of photography experiments. But I only chose one for  my 365 project. Today you get two photographs for my post a day project.

Happy Mothers Day

Hope all mothers had a wonderful and restful day. I did, even took a nap. What’s better than a Sunday afternoon nap, a Mothers Day nap.

2 thoughts on “Day 155/365: Happy Mothers Day

  1. What a lovely bouquet of flowers! I do not get Mother’s Day gifts from my kids (my husband won’t take them out to shop) so I am fairly envious! I’ll bet they smell as pretty as they look!

  2. I’m lucky, and blessed that my kids now drive and my daughter is very thoughtful. She picked them up late Saturday night after a dance party she went too.

    Thought I would virtually share them. smile

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