Day 153/365: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Don’t these strawberries look delicious? Not even a word to describe how good they actually taste. Just like Christmas, I still dip everything in almond bark chocolate. Strawberries are good anytime of the year, but I make them on Valentines day and also for high school graduation parties. They are everyone’s favorite and I’ve created an expectation in the area.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

For my son’s graduation I made about 60 chocolate covered strawberries and it wasn’t nearly enough, could have made three times that many considering how popular they were. Maybe next time. Mothers Day is always around graduation time don’t forget Mom on her special day. She would love some them!

It’s not hard to make chocolate strawberries, all you need is a double boiler and some dipping chocolate. But, some people think it’s a little intimidating. Around Valentines Day you will see and hear ads from various online stores that sell chocolate dipped strawberries.

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Buy Chocolate Covered Strawberries Online

If you don’t think you can handle dipping your own strawberries then you can always buy them online. Golden State Fruit sells them on Amazon and the reviews are fantastic.

I’ve read the reviews from Sherri’s Berries and Golden State Fruit and although they both pack and ship them approximately the same Golden State comes out ahead.

Very little is more romantic, and makes an impression than tasty chocolate covered strawberries. What woman doesn’t like chocolate?

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    1. LOL, thanks, they were very good, in fact weeks later I’m still getting comments from area people and a friend asked me to walk her through how to make them for her daughters graduation party.

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