Day 152/365: Graduation Party Invitation

High School Graduation Party

For the next week or so I’m going to be indulgent and celebrate my son’s high school graduation from Elmwood-Murdock High school. Thought I would share the resources I used to make this event special and memorable.

The photography is by my friend Beth who does senior pictures as a hobby, Vivid Image Photography. Yes, David’s favorite was hanging upside down from a barn thirty feet in the air. He had fun, that’s what you look for in a good photographer.

The graduation party invitation created on Mixbooks. I purchased a Groupon (which I love) for $100 of products for only $15.00, what a bargain! Mixbooks has a huge gallery of templates and everything is customizable. Colors, adornments, layout, everything is very easy and I couldn’t beat the price anywhere. Bought a hundred invitations for only 0.15 a piece.

If you haven’t tried Groupon, I’d love it if you followed by link and signed up, I get discounts for future purchases and can really use them this summer.

Graduation parties in rural Nebraska are a big deal, it’s really a big traveling party and a reason to socialize. Since the classes are small everyone is pretty much invited and it’s an open house type of event with parents and friends. My son really graduates on the 14th, but he wanted to have his party the week before so he could go to all his friends parties the next week.

Stay tuned for more party preparation, senior portraits, post production of senior pictures, and why guys can be so hard to photograph.

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