Day 149/365: Does Your Goat Wait for You to Come Home?

Day 149: Your goat awaits (Olympus)

It just looks like this goat is patiently waiting for his owner to come back from work. No leash, no tie out, no pen. It would have easily been a yellow lab dog waiting for his owner. He even had a collar.

Last week I took a shortcut which  took me on gravel roads through Otoe, a very small town in Nebraska which only has a population of 205 people, don’t know if it includes the goat or not. This is the scene on the edge of town this is the scene that greeted me. Thought it was rather whimsical, and the type of photo opp that makes you stop, back up and shoot a few pictures. The goat was unfazed, didn’t even get up.

Photography Notes: I did play around with this in Photoshop Elements, the newest version that came with my new scanner last week, but I don’t remember my post production notes, sorry. There is an artistic filter added

5 thoughts on “Day 149/365: Does Your Goat Wait for You to Come Home?

  1. Yes we had many that would do this. Used to raise a lot of them. They make wonderful pets and are really good for kids to learn responsibility and caring from.

  2. It’s funny, this irreverent post has gained a lot of attention. I think because it’s completely random and unexpected. Sure was unexpected driving down the road.

    Yes, goat can be good pets, stubborn little buggers that’s for sure. Teaches kids patience.

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