Day 145/365: Peep Photoshoot

Here is my yearly Peep Show Photoshoot, every year around Easter I play with these marshmallow confections designed to rot your teeth, spoil supper, and give you a belly ache. I’m addicted to the concept of florescent spring colors all soft and gooey sprinkled with sugar.

Peep Photoshoot (Olympus E-10)

Yellow and sugary, soft and gooey, enough sweetness to send you into a diabetic coma. But, they are so good. I have to eat just one a year around Easter time, just like Cadbury Eggs, Peeps are a ritualistic tradition.

After I broke these little chicks free from their cellophane wrapper I posed them on my springtime table cloths for a photo shoot. My soon to be 18 year old son did not find the humor in this, he rolled his eyes (I get that a lot from my kids) and anxiously awaited when I would be finished playing, so he could eat them. Which he did, all three boxes.

He was quick to point out that the sugar free Peeps tasted terrible. I agree, if you’re going to eat something as nutritionally void as a Peep then just go for the sugar.

Photography Notes: taken on my Olympus camera, I’m finding it hard to know where to set the exposure, the viewfinder isn’t intuitive and it’s a little like a film camera, I don’t know what it’s going to look like until I get it into the computer.

4 thoughts on “Day 145/365: Peep Photoshoot

  1. I truly love this photo. And while I don’t eat Peeps, I agree with you about just going for the sugar! That would be like eating a sugar free Twinkie!
    I do not have a live view finder on my camera by choice, however I do get to preview them on the camera. I tend to take a plethora of shots and angles anyway and delete few from the camera – they still look different once I open them in the computer and every so often I find a happy mistake that I just HAVE to keep!

  2. I love Peeps and this photo is fabulous…and I want to thank you for introducing me to the new chocolate covered ones! OMG! It’s a good thing I could only find a few of them here, because I could have eaten myself into oblivion. So so good! 🙂

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