Day 143/365: Shimmering Tulips

Shimmering Tulips

Shimmering Tulips (SOOC)

For this I broke out an old camera, an Olympus E-10, to see if I could get more clarity and crispness to my photographs.  I bought the camera on Ebay several years ago used and it’s sheer size was a hindrance to taking it everywhere.

I will compare my two cameras later, when I’ve had a chance to take some additional pictures with it, but here is the first. I really like how it captured the reflection on the tulip petals, something I don’t think my Fuji S1500 could handle.

So what do you think, should I stick with the camera I’ve been using, or use a higher quality lens and forsake megapixel size?

BTW, this is straight out of the camera, even better.

3 thoughts on “Day 143/365: Shimmering Tulips

  1. Perfect contrast right out of the camera too!
    As for the camera question: I think you should use BOTH! There are different applications that will suit each of them differently.

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