Day 142/365: Flowering Trees

Don’t know what kind of flowering tree this is, crab apple, dogwood, or a flowering cherry, but they were pretty blooming all over town. I was tempted to post a wide angle shot,  but I really like close ups and macros. I’m trying to get better at selecting the best picture of the day. I can hem and haw forever in trying to decide what to post.

Flowering Tree

Flowering Tree


More About Flowering Trees

Some day I’ll have some flowering trees in my yard, but I’m a little ADD and don’t like to wait a whole year, or years before seeing results. So in the mean time I’ll drive around town, go to the parks and enjoy the flowering plum trees on the walking trails. They smell the best by the way.

Top 6 flowering trees to plant in the spring

Smaller properties call for trees of modest size and many spring-flowering species fit the bill. The favorites mentioned here rarely grow larger than 25 to 30 feet and some remain half that size, making them ideal for planting near patios, as specimen
Flowering trees add color and beauty to February, March landscapes

The Oriental magnolia (Magnolia x soulangiana) is one of the most spectacular of the spring-flowering trees because its flowers are so large. Unlike the evergreen Southern magnolia, the Oriental magnolia is deciduous and loses its leaves in winter.
Flowering trees add to February, March landscapes – LSU AgCenter

(Distributed 02/21/14) HAMMOND, La. – Flowering trees add considerable color and beauty to our landscapes during late winter and early spring. Many of the trees that flower at this time of year can be considered 



5 thoughts on “Day 142/365: Flowering Trees

  1. I choose not to hem and haw over it and go with my favorite 3 or 4 usually. I probably shouldn’t take so many, should I?
    This is such a pretty photo. I can practically see the petals floating in the air as a soft wind blows. Great capture!

    1. I’m practicing making decisions….and being happy with them. Sometimes choices aren’t easy, but I’m getting better. If I had the fantastic images you have I’d pick more too. 🙂

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