Day 139/365: Resurrection Plant, A Sunday School Lesson

I love teaching Sunday School, especially when I have a visual aid that gets the kids excited. On Palm Sunday I used this Resurrection Plant  to show the how the  death of Jesus Christ and the Easter miracle of resurrection brings everlasting life and rebirth with the forgiveness of sins.

For three years this Resurrection Plant, also known as the Rose of Jerico,  Miracle Fern, or even the Dinosaur plant, had been tucked away in my kitchen basket forgotten. But I finally remembered to bring it out and take it with me during Lent.  I had extra students this Sunday, as a teacher was out, and the cute girl above is not normally a student of mine  (but a younger sister). She had such an angelic face and adorable smile I couldn’t resist.

What Does the Resurrection Plant Look Like?

We placed the Resurrection Plant in a bowl of water and I promised to take pictures during the next 24 hours and bring them the next week, along with the plant. Here is the sequence.

Resurrection Plant- dormant

Place in Water (Your sins)

Time: 2 hours  (SOOC)

Resurrection Plant- Rose of Jerico

Time: 8 hours (SOOC)

Time: 10 hours (SOOC without custom white balance)

Resurrection plant fully open

Time: 24 hours (SOOC) A New Life in Christ

The kids decided they wanted to plant this remarkable plant and keep it in our classroom as a reminder of the miracle of Christs’ death and Resurrection. I think that is a good idea.  Sounds like another Sunday School activity to me. I bought my Resurrection Plant at a gift store in the Arizona desert, but they can also be purchased online on, where else, Amazon

Dunecraft Resurrection Plant Science KitRESURRECTION PLANT Live! Rose of Jericho Dinosaur Fern Miracle Air Prehistoric

Time Lapse Video of a Resurrection Plant

I was actually very amazed about how fast the plant opened. The video below of the Rose of Jericho plant opening is obviously a time lapse, but in just a few hours from the start of Sunday school at 9:30 until when church was dismissed the plant had opened at least halfway. I did use warm water, that might have an impact. All I know is the kids loved it.

Photography Tips: You will notice the photo at the 10 hour mark is distinctly “off color” and the others are pure white, even with the SOOC, straight out of the camera notation. I left this on purpose. I have been experimenting with my cameras white balance and none of the preset options (fluorescent, incandescent) gave me the results I wanted, so I tried the custom and LOVED the results.

Mind you I don’t have a fancy camera, just a Fuji S1500, and I’m sure other point and clicks have the same option, just many people don’t use them. All I did was hold a plain white piece of paper two inches in front of the lens and press ok. Between this, and my use of continuous focus, I have noticed a considerable difference in the quality of my indoor pictures.

8 thoughts on “Day 139/365: Resurrection Plant, A Sunday School Lesson

  1. Happy Easter to you and yours Dawn! I have never seen or heard of a Resurrection Plant…I’m intrigued! It’s very pretty…and what a fine lesson for your Sunday schoolers. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. Thanks for the comment and the subscribing, love your blog and 365 Project, if you hadn’t noticed? LOL I put you on my 365 Blog Roll can’t wait to see what else you do.

    1. It’s a great lesson, the kids really don’t expect it to open up and come back to life. If you have Sunday School before church leave it in a sunny window in warm water. Then after church gather the kids to see what has happened.

  2. Thanks for doing the Lord’s work – in your church and on Twitter. Loved your presentation of the Resurrection Plant and so will your kids. It is thoroughly amazing pretty much like its Creator. I’m one of your followers on Twitter and always enjoy your posts. Don’t have to say God Bless You as He already has. You are a chosen one.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. My comments were full of spam to get through and it was overwhelming. I love my Twitter followers, it’s my favorite social network. Met some fantastic people there. Please come back again.

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