Day 133/365: Macro View of a Daffodil

Day 133: A Macro View of a Flower

I’m taking more pictures of daffodils that I intended, but this macro was just too good for me not to post. I only have a Fuji S1500 camera, sometimes  the macro sometimes decides to work,  other times not. I haven’t figured out why yet. I did change the focus setting to continuous rather than digital and I am getting better results.

Photoshop editing: Pretty much straight out of camera (SOOC), I looked at the before and after and there isn’t much difference. I sharpened the flower stamens and edges of the bloom, placed a drop shadow and that was all I did.

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    1. Thanks Bonnie and Whitney for the comments. Love it when I can get a SOOC shot, although I love playing Photoshop, it’s nice to “get it right” the first time.

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