Day 131/365: Magnolia Tree Blooms in Spring

My spring flowers continue, I’m so happy it’s spring, color is starting to peak out from their buds and this magnolia tree was just starting to bloom. Five out of the next seven days will be of flowers and blooms. Every year I venture out to this tree to take photographs of the buds in full bloom, but magnolia trees are persnickety. The petals fall off so fast and if we get a strong wind, which in Nebraska we often do, they blow off before I get a chance. But this year it’s going to happen. I will have my camera at the ready.

Magnolia tree flowers in spring

Day 131: Flowering trees

So glad I started this 365 Project, gives me a reason, or an excuse some may say to take pictures without guilt every day. If you have a favorite Magnolia tree I’d love to see the photos. I love spring, flowering trees give me such hope for the future and the season ahead. I’m really a warm weather person and when the Magnolia trees start blooming then I know summer isn’t far behind.

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