Day 129/265: My New Car, People and Pet Friendly

After ten years of driving Subaru Outbacks I wanted something a little bigger. You see my fiancee is over 6’4″ and an ex-defensive lineman, so a smaller car is not very comfortable. But I was spoiled by driving a Subaru which was all wheel drive.

My goal was to find a smaller domestic 4×4 SUV that got good gas mileage. I live in Nebraska, you might have seen a little of our winters, and I didn’t feel comfortable driving a 2WD. So after doing my research on I decided that my decision was a Ford Escape. Isn’t she pretty?

2001 Ford Escape

I searched all over the internet for a good deal on a pre-owned car. I had a price range where I wanted to stay and expectations on mileage. Sometimes you just have to throw that out the window when you find a good deal. This 2001 Escape had just been detailed and pictures were just uploaded onto the internet when I saw it. Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

Facts: Baxter Jeep Dodge, Omaha (ask for Kenny), 2001 Ford Escape XLS, 69,291 miles, asking $8,950

I knew from all my searches that for an Escape in that price range I wouldn’t be able to find with less than 120,000 miles. I had spent hours looking at other Escapes in the area and none were in this good of shape or as clean. But I had to bargain, and I did, hard. After several hours of deliberation we settled on $7,995.

After driving it to Des Moines the next day it got 22-24 mpg on the highway, not bad for the size vehicle. My Subaru consistently got 25 mpg.

So I drove it off the lot that night. One of the first things I did was buy a Dog Pet Barrier for the back. Although I used a Kurgo dog zip-line I didn’t want anymore dog hair in the back seat.  Below is the day I installed it and we went to the park to enjoy the sun and a good book.

Day 129: Off the the park!


My Favorite Dog Travel Products

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