Day 125/365: Kyjen Dog Toy Test, Part 2

Day 125: The Evil Stare

Welcome to phase two of my Kyjen dog toy test, we first reviewed the This Hard Core FireHose dog toy made by Kyjen Dog Products was the toughest match for my insane Jack Russell. Can you see the green glow to his eyes? Yes, this fabric is the same kind used to make firehoses, tough, durable, but not exactly Brody tough. It did take a few hours to breach the end, totally wore him out and he had to take a rest.

Toy testing is hard work,...

He was bound and determined that no one was going to have his toy and he guarded it well. This small dog toy is tough though. It is tightly packed with fluff, and has a squeaker at both ends. Took several hours of diligent work to get the first one out, but because the fabric is so tough Brody couldn’t tear the rest to get down the narrow opening to the last squeaker.

Can you see remnants of fluff under the couch?

Over twenty-four hours later the squeaker remained in the opposite end and just puzzled him. In a couple of days the Firehose toy did submit and give it up. You might ask what do I do with all these “dead” toys. I throw them in his basket, empty skins, chewed balls with holes and he does take them out one at a time to examine them. For example Brody still tosses his Real Squeaker Mat from Kyjen.

I’ll tell you about that one in the next edition of Brody’s Dog Toy Test.


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