Day 121/365: Kyjen Dog Toys, Official Tester

A dog inspecting his new dog toys

A Box of Toys! For ME?

Many of you have followed my quest to find the indestructible dog toy. Specifically a squeaky toy, my Jack Russell loves squeaky toys. So far only the toys that have past the survivability test has been his Nylabone Dura Chew and his Busy Buddy. . My postings on this adventure attracted the attention of the Kyjen Company who makes unique and innovative dog products.

They sent graciously Brody a box of challenging and definitely unique squeaky toys and I’m going to do them justice during my by documenting Brody’s experience.

Outward Hound 32039 Squeaker Matz Gator 16 Squeaker Plush Squeak Toy Dog Toys, Large, GreenKyjen PP02255 Hard Boiled Softies Dog Toys Durable Rubber and Plush Squeak Toy, Large, Multicolor

I let Brody pick out of the box and the first one he picked was the Hard Boiled Softies. It honks rather than squeaks and this was different. It is a plush covering with a hard rubber “yolk” inside.

white dog playing with his dog toy

It’s a bee! It’s different!

He pushed and honked it and eventually the antennae and the wings came off. Then he went to work on the bottom part of the plush bee because he couldn’t get at the noisemaker. After a few hours the egg came loose from its fabric. I was very impressed with the thick rubber construction. Since it was a very large size it was more difficult to puncture.

Dog toys in my house get destroyed

Got it loose!

After the egg was out of the “shell” Brody played and bounced it around all night. What? All night, a toy actually lasted all night? This is a first! The squeaker stayed in the egg even. It wasn’t until the next day the squeaker became dislodged and disappeared inside the dog toy cavity. I fully expected it then to be chewed into many pieces. Nope.

A week later I’m using the egg as a treat toy. I break up his dog bones into three pieces and put them inside. It’s a perfect size the egg is large enough in diameter to encourage some serious chewing and tossing to get them out.  This next phase of toy play will last him hours if I keep the treat pieces large enough.

I have put the egg back in it’s shell a few times, but it’s chewed up enough where it doesn’t stay. But I’m impressed. As you can see from the video Brody really loves his toys, small toys are a challenge to play interactively with him as he plays keep away. Next review is of a toy that is the perfect size in my opinion, maybe if they merged the two together?

Thank You Kyjen!

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Dog Toys that Are Indestructible

Here are my favorite dog toys that meet the tough, and fit into the truly indestructible categoryPetSafe makes super quality dog toys and the Busy Buddy was Brodys first toy, my request, or wish, they make a tough durable squeaker came true and the Booya is what every dog toy should be like in the future.

PetSafe Busy Buddy Waggle Dog Toy, Medium/LargeBusy Buddy Squeak N Treat Booya Dog Toy Medium

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  1. We have an Old English Bulldog who destroyed every toy and pet bed ever, we’ve been looking to get her in testing toys for strength. Could you let us know how? Thanks!!

    1. I don’t know why they approached me, probably because I was actively blogging about Brody. The company approached me. If you are active in social media, blog, tweet I would just start tagging and MT them in your normal tweets and see how they respond.

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