Day 118/365: A Rainy Spring Day Calls For Homemade Soup

Day 118: Homemade Soup

Day 118: Homemade Soup

Rainy spring days call for homemade soup. This time I got a little carried away, couldn’t have put anymore into this pot if I tried. I think there is two gallons of soup, but after eating our meal, sharing some with a friend, and putting a few ready to eat cups in the freezer there isn’t any left.

Most of the time I include a recipe, but there is no way I can include on on this batch. It was a clean out the freezer creation. Homemade chicken stock, a quart of stewed tomatoes, leftover chicken, turkey, and ham along with frozen carrots, corn, some canned potatoes a friend gave me, and a can of veg-all vegetables. Mix all together in one pot, add some of your favorite seasonings (pepper, basil, Italian, parsley, chilli powder etc..) and simmer for two hours. I added some couscous during the last thirty minutes for texture.

7 thoughts on “Day 118/365: A Rainy Spring Day Calls For Homemade Soup

  1. Yum looks good. I’m on the way. haha Actually even using my knee walker, I got a pork roast with veggies, potatoes and marinara put in the crock pot. Should be a good supper. I wanted to do it for my daughter. She goes to college full time while working a full time job and lately having to take care of me too. I thought she would appreciate not having to hunt for food when she gets home late this evening.

    1. Crock pot food is great for easy meals. I prep a lot of food and put it in the freezer to make cooking easier. Pre-cook my hamburger for spaghetti and soup, makes it super fast later.

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