Day 116/365: Mighty Dog Ball

Searching for Tough Dog Toys

Brody my Jack Russel is at it again, testing tough dog toys. He loves this job. I on the other hand am getting tired of toys only lasting a few hours. Tried something a little different this time, The Mighty Dog Ball. This particular squeaky toy from had a hard rubber interior, no fluff. As usual Brody loved the ball, pushing on it making it squeak, chewing on it until the fabric was soggy.

tough dog toys

Day 116: Dog Toy testing

That novelty lasted thirty minutes until his tooth punctured the fabric, then the tugging began. Within ten minutes the fabric was off. The ball inside would have been a good option for an additional play toy, if it were tougher, likeĀ  Kong tough. (Kong toys are the only ones he can’t destroy).Back to the Mighty Dog Ball. He found the little squeaky device and purposely extracted the offending noise, then chewed it to bits. Time. one hour fifteen minutes. Not really worth the money if you have a toy destroyer in your house.

Due to my frequent posting about my dog toy experiment, the Kyjen Dog Toy Company and Brody’s amazing destructive ability, they sent him (and me) a whole box of toys to test and review.

Here is part one and part two of the Kyjen Dog Toy review


Since I posted this several years ago I have been through hundreds of dollars of pet toys. I basically gave up and would just get a stuffed animal from the thrift store for fifty cents and let attack and destroy.

BUT, I did find an indestructible squeaky toy. Not only has it lasted months, but it still drives him crazy and keeps his interest. It’s the Booya Squeak and Treat.

Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Below are some of the tougher dog toys that I have found. The Kong is tough, but doesn’t squeak, although if you have a food motivated pup it will keep them happy for hours. So far the PetSafe dog toys are the best so far for longevity. My Boxer isn’t a chewer and she loves the Kyjen Squeaker Mats, as far as tough dog toys, it’s tough enough for her.

Busy Buddy Squeak N Treat Booya Dog Toy LargeRealtree Waggle Dog Toy, Medium/LargeKyjen PP01379 Squeaker Mat Squirrel 16-Squeaker Plush Squeak Toy Dog Toys, Squirrel, LargeWest Paw Design Zogoflex Tux Guaranteed Tough Treat Stuffable Dog Chew Toy, TangerineTuffy Ultimates Ring Dog Toy, Red PawsKong PB2 Bounzer Medium