Day 115/365: Mother Natures April Fools Joke, Not Funny

Day 115: Really, it's spring already!

Really? Snow in spring?

I can’t tell you how upset I was when it was officially spring, March 25th to be exact, and it snowed! Really? I love snow in December, Christmas just isn’t the same without a blanket of snow. Even in January snow is tolerable, it’s winter so yes, snow should and needs to be in the picture to complete the four seasons.

But, after March 21, nope, nadda, not a snowflake should appear. Anyone around me heard my disgust. I mean really, the flowers are blooming. Give me rain, but not snow this time of year. You might have seen an First Flower of spring of the crocuses, before the snow.

Retitled this post when I saw what day it was going live. Seemed like a cruel joke of Mother Nature. Somewhere I heard from friends in Connecticut that it’s supposed to snow on April 1st. Hopefully it’s a weather forecasters April Fools joke.

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