Day 113/365: Joe and the Jungle, The Band

Rockin' the Philson Basement (SOOC)

Meet Joe and the Jungle as they gave a free concert in the Philsons’ basement. Beth lives across the street and her family’s philosophy should be  “Life is an adventure, explore and experience”. They have traveled to all over the United States, Europe, and have hosted multiple international exchange students. They are registered Couch Surfers and the Los Angeles California band, Joe and the Jungle, were their latest guests as their tour brought them to the Midwest.

The band has been compared to a cross between Guns n Roses, Cheap Trick and The Beatles with a splash of the Sex Pistols for flavor. If that doesn’t make you curious nothing will.  They are the best of both coasts starting in New York City and moving to the LA Strip and selling out venues on a regular basis.

Knickerbockers in Omaha canceled on them at the last minute so Joe and his band rocked away in the Philson basement in Elmwood Nebraska this week. Although the band drives a stereotypical van and couch surfs across the country, they have never stayed in a house with it’s own amps, woofers, drum set and extra bass. Papa Philson is a closet musician and has all the toys.

The band signs were hung, blue and red bulbs went into shop lights and the atmosphere was created. Didn’t matter that the acoustics were a tad off, the rock and roll beat was alive and a Joe and the Jungle rocked the Philson house. Those in Omaha missed out. Check out their music in the video below.