Day 111/365: Portrait Professional Takes 10 Years Off

Before & After (click on picture for larger image)

My first self portrait on my blog, only because I want to show the capabilities of  my new Portrait Professional program.  (Click on the image to see a larger view.) However, this program may encourage me to be in more pictures. I like the effect. This is virtually a photographers secret weapon.

The process is fast and easy. In less than five minutes I selected the borders of my eyes, eyebrows, nose, and shape of face. Then the program does a mild adjustment and gives you additional options to enhance even further with slide bars. I can sharpen my mouth, increase my upper or bottom lip width, whiten my teeth and even open my eyes a little more. But not so much that it’s distorted.

Ever hear how the camera adds five pounds? It can be taken off by lengthening the neck and narrowing the jaw and face. The key is to keep as much of the natural features of the face so the person is still recognizable. Otherwise you end up changing the persons identity too much, and creating a Beyonce controversy.

I think Portrait Professional can be used to a great advantage in senior pictures to cover up those temporary blemishes (i.e. acne) that might even disappear before the student gets the final photos returned. I think the image below shows this concept quite clearly. My daughters friend was much happier with the “after” image.

Before & After (click on image for larger view)


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    1. There are several different programs out there, I’m trying several out and learning that some of the actions I’ve downloaded are very similar to the ones that I already have set up myself.

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